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The Formal Bio

Lauren LoGiudice delves into deeply flawed and painfully idiosyncratic characters. She has embodied some of the world's most mysterious cultural icons, including Greta Garbo, Melania Trump, Mary Poppins, and all the women in her Italian-American family.

TV and film credits include Veep, Bittersweet Monday, and Galaxy360. Moth StorySLAM Champ. Her work has been featured by The New York Times, BBC, Bust Magazine, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, Hyperallergic, La Voce di New York, among others.

Multi-character projects include her solo show Queens Girl, which toured worldwide, Garbo Dreams, a site-specific play about Greta Garbo, and Yule Log With Friends, an interactive video project featured at High 5 Gallery.


You + Laughter = Better World

If you're not quite sure if you'll ever find a place to fit in or people who totally get you and you're totally fed up, then you've come to the right gal.

I've been an outsider for most of my life never quite fitting into any of the communities that I frequent. I grew up in an Italian-American family and neighborhood, but looked like a Nordic princess. I walked into prestigious Wesleyan with a Queens swagger and accent. I was an oddball chemistry teacher more interested in social justice than experiments. And I continue to defy labels being a queer dyke married to a straight cis male.

I've spent my life being the odd one out. And I want to help you laugh about what's hard in this world.

I'm a normal-looking weirdo who spends my time figuring out how I can help audiences (that's you) open their heart and mind just a bit more through our collective laughter. Wanna join me?


You wouldn’t know by looking at me:

1) I did a brief stint as a high school Chemistry teacher in Oakland, CA … and, as an unconscious homage to Fire Marshall Bill, almost blew up the classroom several times.

2) I’m the last person on earth who rents videos from both the New York Public Library and Netflix DVD. (I’ve even watched old movie reels at the Library for the Performing Arts.)

3) I routinely cut out articles from newspapers and magazines and send them in the MAIL to people who I think would be interested.

4) I’m 100% Italian American and was born + raised in Howard Beach, Queens which blessed me with endless comedy material.


5) I speak on college campuses about Vintage Hollywood LGBTQ+ history, as well as overcoming loneliness.

6) I've lived and worked in many different places around the world, gathering some unique skills along the way, like dancing Bharatanatyam, speaking some Swahili, and knowing how to roll my own pasta.

7) I worked at Restaurant Florent as an overnight host and to make it easier to wrangle the drunk late-night patrons, dressed as a different deranged character every night.

8) For the past 10 years I’ve had a pen pal.

9) I do not have a text alert or any notifications on my phone. The only thing the device does is ring! (Do this! It will save you sanity and you bring you squarely into 1995!)

10) I identify as a queer dyke but married a straight cis male. (This perfect premise for a sitcom!)