Oddballs Will Always Trigger Normies


Did you ever notice that some people love to hate on us outside-the-box weirdo types?

I think it’s the nature of things.

I’m not excusing hateful behavior, rather trying to explain why we’re targets. If we understand it we can expect it and can take better care of ourselves.

There’s a lot of people in this world who don’t have the guts to be themselves. They look up and see us weirdos dancing around, all happy-like, and they are mad as hell!

They are scared to be themselves, so seeing other people happy doing so triggers their misery and ire; we are showing them proof that they’re way of being is not the only way. That’s a frightening thought to them.

By our very nature we threaten theirs.

So, we receive their vitriol, whether that’s a passive aggressive comments or overt stank look. Sometimes they do so when you least expect it.

It’s been the story of my life for people giving me static for not fitting in the box. I’ve never fit at any stage of my life. I’ve been at the margins every fucking way every goddamned time. That includes the acting, LGBTQ, comedian communities, as well as the Italian-American, NYC, and literally every space I walk into on this earth.

Unfortunately when you get a group of people together norms crop up. And I don’t like norms, I like doing and saying whatever the fuck I fucking want.

I get so frustrated: why don’t people appreciate those who aren’t exactly like them? What’s so threatening about dissension?

So how does one deal with this human tendency?

One part of my brain wants to say: You’re scared and I can empathize with that. It’s your pain and I’ll let you be and move on my way.

The other part of my brain wants to say: go fuck your motherfucking self.

If you’re a good person want the best of intentions then you’ll receive Queens-style empathy and encouragement.

If you’re malicious then you get some Queens-style attitude. I’m apt to tell you to put your stank look in your pocket before I shove it up your ass.

Listen, people can sometimes put their shit on you, but you can not let them. You can empathize with them but you must stand our ground.

What’s the best way to deal with it? I’m always looking for more tips!