The Adventure Story (a.k.a. Bio)

I learned how to fight fair growing up in Queens, NY. Wesleyan helped me realize that I didn’t have to choose between being a science nerd and a critical-theory-reading jock. I fell in love with live performance in San Francisco, where I shared the stage with fierce performance artists. I was honored to receive the William J. Clinton Fellowship for Service, which I used to work in HIV prevention while studying Bharatanatyam, a classical Indian dance. My perspective on privilege and purpose changed dramatically while living in India. Shortly thereafter, I returned to NYC and dedicated myself to television work, creating several one-woman shows and sketch comedy characters, and collaborating with producers and directors who seek out and celebrate the unusual

In short: I act and write, am relentlessly dedicated to evolving my craft, and can assure you that I'm never, ever boring. Game? ON!

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Queer actor