Television and Film Reel

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Lauren not only comes with the obvious talents as an actor but also the kind of work ethic every director wants. She immerses herself in her characters completely, and with depth that only comes from meticulous and studious preparation.

  • Jamie Lee, Director, Bittersweet Monday




- The New York Times


Commercial Reel

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“Lauren is the kind of actor that I, as a director, always hope for: Talented, collaborative, insightful, professional, craft-driven, and filled with the right kind of ambition -- the kind that is determined to discover what it means to be a human being and communicate that with full naked honesty to an audience. She is a very bright light.”

  • Joe Graham, Director "Beautiful Something"



“We were on a tight schedule. I needed Lauren to give me what I needed to get the project done. She nailed it.”

- Roger Aylward, Director, Mick